About Me

I'm ToM!   :-D

I'm an animator from the UK with over 5 years professional experience and lifelong desire to create original and exciting things! I currently work at Tt Games on the Lego video games.

You can contact me via:

tomeparkin@gmail.com  /  Contact Form  /  Linkedin

Showreel Breakdown

Some of my Animation work from the last few years at TT Games!

I was responsible for the keyframe animation of all characters, plus exporting them into the game engine and testing them to make sure that they feel fun to play! I was lucky to have been given a lot of creative freedom. I really enjoyed the research process, plus designing the entire set of animations for each character. In most cases I worked closely with rigging, audio, VFX and mechanics programmers; discussing ideas and collaborating to help improve the characters overall.

All Characters are property of TT Games / Lego / their respective IPs.


  • Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) - Lego Marvel's Avengers [2016]
  • The Ventriloquist (Arnold & Scarface) - Lego DC Super-Villains [2018]
  • Jake The Dog - Lego Dimensions (Adventure Time) [2016]
  • Poison Ivy - Lego DC Super-Villains [2018]
  • HIM - Lego Dimensions (Powerpuff Girls) [2017]